Wellness Exams

What to Expect from Wellness Exams at Our Animal Hospital During every visit to the vet, one of our licensed Veterinary Technicians, or skilled Veterinary Assistants will measure your pet’s weight, temperature, pulse rate, and respiration rate. They will then ask questions about what kind of food they eat, what medications they are on, and […]


Vaccination Policy At Mountain View, we prioritize conducting an examination for every patient before administering vaccinations. Your pet’s well-being is our utmost concern. Since vaccines stimulate the immune system, we avoid giving them to unwell pets to prevent exacerbating their condition. The examination may reveal any underlying issues that require immediate attention over vaccinations. Early […]

Dental Care

Have you ever wondered what happens during a dental cleaning for your pet? Prince Wolfie has volunteered to help show what goes on. IV Catheter First, the technician on the surgery team will place an IV catheter so that the patient maintains a normal blood pressure and to provide vital movement of blood to important […]

Laser Therapy

We are now using K-Laser We are offering K-Laser treatments for your pet. We are using the K-Laser to help our clients pets with many different conditions to bring them pain relief, reduction in swelling and faster healing times. What is Laser Therapy? Laser Therapy, or “photobiomodulation”, is the use of specific wavelengths of light […]